Beader’s Gallery

A gallery to showcase tapestries completed by tapestry beaders from my patterns. In the gallery you will see tapestries created in different colours, framed or hung in different ways, created by different beaders. Click on an image to take you to the gallery. In the gallery, click on an image to see a larger view of the image.

If you have beaded one of my tapestry patterns, I would love to showcase your work on this site. Send me a message at to have your tapestry showcased. Forward photos as an attachment to an email. 


Playing With Rainbows

Loom & Peyote stitch

Feather Boa

Loom & Peyote stitch

Fashion Diva

Loom & Peyote stitch

Blue Mandala



Loom & Peyote

Pierrot - A Rose

Loom & Peyote

Garden of Tranquility

Loom & Peyote

Mini Garden of Tranquility

Peyote stitch

The Dancer

The loom pattern was created with both a coloured background around the dancer’s face and a black background. Both patterns are available. The peyote pattern has just a black background.