Playing with Rainbows – Bead Tapestry Pattern

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Available in loom or peyote stitch.

The tapestry is 112 beads wide x 116 rows high and has 12,992 beads. There are 16 colours used. The colours are listed but, as this is Art Deco, you can choose any colour beads you have.

You are buying a pattern in PDF format which may be downloaded directly, upon payment.

The PDF file includes:

- Image of the completed tapestry
- Bead legend with the name, Delica number and quantity of each colour used
- Graph pattern - coded and numbered graph of the pattern
- Word Chart - double spaced so it is easier to follow

The pattern does not include instructions on how to weave beads on a loom. If you are looking for information on how to bead on a loom the book "Bead Tapestry - Weaving on a Loom" is available in this shop. The book also provides some information on how to display a beaded tapestry.

COPYRIGHT INFORMATION: Feel free to create tapestries from this pattern for sale or personal use. Please do not make copies of this pattern to share, for resale, or use it to teach classes. If you have questions or wish to use this pattern for a project or other than its intended purpose, please message me so we can discuss your project.

I hope you enjoy beading this tapestry.

If you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to contact me.

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  1. Karen Langbert

    Loved working the peyote version of this beautiful pattern. Thank you for adapting it. Lovely colors!

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