Loved working the peyote version of this beautiful pattern. Thank you for adapting it. Lovely colors!


Good book. I have been interested in trying this hobby and the book was a good reference for what is involved. Will be helpful in getting me started.


I’ve admired Jacqui’s bead tapestries for a while. Often wondered how they were done. Now I know the book answered my questions. The book anticipates the questions that you might have with this craft so it is a very practical help. Now just need to get to the bead shop. Well done Jacqui!


Excellent instructions and just what I have been needing!


Nice booklet, I’ve been looking for a Mirrix Specific bead tapestry weaving book for ages. Thank you. Although I haven’t made any bead tapestries yet this will be a good reference book.


Very informative and helpful, good instructions.