Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks is for subscribers to Phantasia Bead Art who are interested in learning the craft of bead weaving on a loom beyond what my book teaches. To become a subscriber, visit the registration page. As a subscriber be comfortable knowing your name, email address and any other information you share will not be sold, distributed, or given to others in any fashion. 

Tips & Tricks is sharing what I have learned about bead weaving on a loom, mainly from experimentation. Some experiments worked; some did not; and some experiments showed there was more than one way to achieve the same result. A method I learn today may change tomorrow if I find a better way. If that happens the new method will be posted. There may even be tips on methods I do not use that subscribers may prefer.

There is no “right way” of bead weaving on a loom and there is no “wrong way”; there is only what works for you. My methods are not the “only way” but if they help you learn more about this craft, I will be happy. Your questions are always welcome.

Two quotes I am fond of:

I have learned so much from my mistakes… I am thinking of making some more.

Learn from the mistakes of others. You cannot live long enough to make them all yourself. (Attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt).

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