Work In Progress

The images on this page show tapestries in progress from the start to the finished product. As the tapestry progresses you can try to guess what the final image will be.

Work on a tapestry starts even before the loom is set up. If the tapestry design is from a beaded tapestry pattern that has already been created this takes little time. If I am designing the bead pattern from a photograph, an image, or a purchased cross stitch pattern it can take longer to make the pattern than to create the finished tapestry.

Depending on the size of the tapestry and the number of bead colours used, completing a tapestry takes anywhere from two or three days to many days or even weeks to complete. Once the image on the tapestry is beaded there are still final touches to be added to create a finished product.


The lovebirds are complete. They look happy! It looks much better now. Started a new tapestry. When I reached row 50 I realized the pattern was not symmetrical so I took it all apart and started again!

Garden of Tranquility

Many years ago I did filet crochet. I have some lovely old filet crochet patterns that translate well to a beaded tapestry. This tapestry is 161 beads across and 206 rows high. Even though it is only 2 colours, it is challenging. The Garden of Tranquility is complete....

Vogue Magazine 1929

Cover Page for a Vogue magazine Sometimes I forget to post my work in progress. This one is now complete and I'm working on the next one.

Summer Bouquet

An experiment to see how transparent beads work I can see where I need to make changes in the finished pattern. The Summer Bouquet has flowered!

Kitten Love

I love bright colours! Created the pattern from one of my favourite artists. Pierrot clowns make me smile (most of them) Complete! Tapestry and pattern added to my store.


A simple tapestry with only four colours My husband called her Medusa so Medusa she shall be. Medusa is complete!

Lady Blue

My lovely Blue Lady. There are 160 rows so this will take a few days. Can you guess how many shades of blue there are? Lady in Blue off to the ocean!