Work in Progress

The images on this page show tapestries in progress from the start to the finished product. As the tapestry progresses you can try to guess what the final image will be.

Work on a tapestry starts even before the loom is set up. If the tapestry design is from a beaded tapestry pattern that has already been created this takes little time. If I am designing the bead pattern from a photograph, an image, or a purchased cross stitch pattern it can take longer to make the pattern than to create the finished tapestry.

Depending on the size of the tapestry and the number of bead colours used, completing a tapestry takes anywhere from two or three days to many days or even weeks to complete. Once the image on the tapestry is beaded there are still final touches to be added to create a finished product.

Waiting Patiently

Working on a 4 colour tapestry Very elegant Victorian lady She is still waiting patiently.

Winter Fashion

A very classy lady Showing off her winter finery! My fine lady is complete and ready for the next winter season

Paris Cafe

Waiting for a coffee in a Paris café A lovely day for a coffee in Paris!

Tom & Jerry

This one is purely for fun First time making a cartoon pattern & tapestry What do you think?