Work In Progress

The images on this page show tapestries in progress from the start to the finished product. As the tapestry progresses you can try to guess what the final image will be.

Work on a tapestry starts even before the loom is set up. If the tapestry design is from a beaded tapestry pattern that has already been created this takes little time. If I am designing the bead pattern from a photograph, an image, or a purchased cross stitch pattern it can take longer to make the pattern than to create the finished tapestry.

Depending on the size of the tapestry and the number of bead colours used, completing a tapestry takes anywhere from two or three days to many days or even weeks to complete. Once the image on the tapestry is beaded there are still final touches to be added to create a finished product.

Art Nouveau

It is time for something bright and spring like. Bright colours! Art Nouveau and Art Deco tiles can be quite pretty as tapestries

Flying High

There will be many blue and purple beads in this one. You may find it difficult to guess what this will be. I am sure you can guess what the finished tapestry will be. Three quarters of the way through! Time to start thinking about my next tapestry. Finished! The...

Mandala Three

Mandalas are lovely to work with. Blue and White shines in the sunlight. ... and it is almost finished! Mandala Three is complete. I love blue! Tapestry and pattern now for sale.

A Summer’s Day

A lovely summer morning. Bright colours to start the day. Halfway to the finish. It looks like it will be a lovely day! A Lovely Summer's Day. The tapestry and the pattern are now available for purchase.

Le Petit Chat Noir

There is still snow on the ground and spring has not yet arrived. It is time to add colours to brighten the day. The tapestry is going to be 80x80 Delica beads. At this point it is hard to tell what this will be. I guarantee that someone will figure it out before it...

Wine Elegance

There are only 5 bead colours in this one and it will be a tall pattern. Day 1: It might be hard to guess what this image will be when completed. Day 2: The image is becoming clearer! It is not hard to guess the image for this tapestry but I bet you can't guess what...

What City Is This?

Started a new tapestry today. Old travel posters make interesting tapestries. I’ll leave you to guess where this is. Didn’t do much today but it might be enough for you to guess where the travel poster is advertising. Travel poster. I am sure you can guess the city...