The lovebirds are complete. They look happy! It looks much better now. Started a new tapestry. When I reached row 50 I realized the pattern was not symmetrical so I took it all apart and started again!

Garden of Tranquility

Many years ago I did filet crochet. I have some lovely old filet crochet patterns that translate well to a beaded tapestry. This tapestry is 161 beads across and 206 rows high. Even though it is only 2 colours, it is challenging. The Garden of Tranquility is complete....

Summer Bouquet

An experiment to see how transparent beads work I can see where I need to make changes in the finished pattern. The Summer Bouquet has flowered!

Kitten Love

I love bright colours! Created the pattern from one of my favourite artists. Pierrot clowns make me smile (most of them) Complete! Tapestry and pattern added to my store.


A simple tapestry with only four colours My husband called her Medusa so Medusa she shall be. Medusa is complete!