Bead Tapestry Book – Weaving on a Loom (Digital PDF Version)

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After many requests to explain the making of a bead tapestry I have created a book, with full colour photographs, for anyone desiring to go on a tapestry making adventure. I have been creating beaded tapestries for many years and suffered many of the pitfalls and mistakes all beginners make. With this book I am hoping to help you avoid some of those pitfalls and mistakes. Bead tapestries are unique and very satisfying as a picture in beads evolves before your eyes. The first tapestry is challenging but, all the techniques you learn with your first tapestry will make all future tapestries easier and quicker. If you've ever wondered how to make a bead tapestry, here is a guide to help you begin the process - from supplies you need before you start to how to finish the tapestry in a professional manner and all the steps in between. There are two small tapestry patterns in the book to start you off on your bead tapestry adventure. While the photographs in the book are based on a Mirrix loom, the process can be done on many other types of looms. The type and size of loom is based on your preference, your budget and the size of the tapestries you wish to create as outlined in the book.


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