Bead Tapestry Book – Weaving on a Loom

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This book is also available as a digital PDF.

After many requests to explain the making of a bead tapestry I have created a book, with full colour photographs, for anyone desiring to go on a tapestry making adventure.

I have been creating beaded tapestries for many years and suffered many of the pitfalls and mistakes all beginners make. With this book I am hoping to help you avoid some of those pitfalls and mistakes.

Bead tapestries are unique and very satisfying as a picture in beads evolves before your eyes. The first tapestry is challenging but, all the techniques you learn with your first tapestry will make all future tapestries easier and quicker.

If you've ever wondered how to make a bead tapestry, here is a guide to help you begin the process - from supplies you need before you start to how to finish the tapestry in a professional manner and all the steps in between. There are two small tapestry patterns in the book to start you off on your bead tapestry adventure.

While the photographs in the book are based on a Mirrix loom, the process can be done on many other types of looms. The type and size of loom is based on your preference, your budget and the size of the tapestries you wish to create as outlined in the book.

The book is on heavy duty satin finish paper with heavier front and back covers. It is coil bound so it lies flat while you are using it.

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Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 38 × 30 × 2 cm

27 reviews for Bead Tapestry Book – Weaving on a Loom

  1. Juanita

    Excellent Book and information! Wonderful way to enjoy life by beading a tapestry!

  2. Carol

    This book is excellent! It contains lots of information, clearly presented and with lots of illustrations. It has answers to the questions you will have before starting your bead tapestry and guide you all the way to finishing . Highly recommend it!

  3. IA

    Brilliant experience. Fast delivery, the book is an incredible manual , very well written. And written by the shop owner. How fabulous is that! Une grande expérience evn pendant cette période. Le livre est écrit par le propriétaire du magasin. C’est vraiment bien écrit. Des instructions claires. Je vous remercie.

  4. Mary

    I’ve admired Jacqui’s bead tapestries for a while. Often wondered how they were done. Now I know the book answered my questions. The book anticipates the questions that you might have with this craft so it is a very practical help. Now just need to get to the bead shop. Well done Jacqui

  5. Penny

    The Bead Tapestry book is full of great step by step instructions for weaving on a loom. A fabulous resource for anyone interested in this fun art form.

  6. MM

    Nice booklet, I’ve been looking for a Mirrix Specific bead tapestry weaving book for ages. Thank you. Although I haven’t made any bead tapestries yet this will be a good reference book.

  7. April

    excellent instructions and just what I have been needing!

  8. Jensen

    Very informative and helpful, good instructions

  9. rbsck

    Good book. I have been interested in trying this hobby and the book was a good reference for what is involved. Will be helpful in getting me started.

  10. Renda

    This book is very informative and easy to follow. It was delivered promptly. Great shop.

  11. Tay

    This book is full of tips and tricks. Well worth the purchase price. Everything you need to know about bead tapestry in one place at last!

  12. Elaine

    This is an excellent book. I tried to start a bead tapestry project many years ago, but I hated it because I couldn’t get it right. I never really got it started, Using the information in this book, I’ve re-warped my loom and re-started, and I am 5 rows in (170 beads per row). I’m loving this
    project now! Thank you so much for such a great resource!!

  13. Justine

    This is a GREAT book for weaving bead tapestry on a loom, a hard to find item, information on tapestry technique . All aspects are covered in a handy spiral bound book, yes, easy to keep handy while you work. Happy I made this purchase, time to bead !

  14. Teresa

    I just received my book. The seller’s customer service was awesome. The book arrived from Canada promptly and in excellent condition. I read the book and the directions are very clearly written. This book will be my bead weaving Bible from now on. Highly recommended!

  15. Marie

    Marie on 05 Jul, 2021

    This is a great book with lots of clear pictures and good explanations. Well put together and easy to follow.

  16. C

    Excellent how-to book for learning to bead weave – especially on a Mirrix loom. Quick shipping, too

  17. Diane Chaloux

    I enjoyed this book. Hope there’s more.

  18. Nicole

    Excellent. Very well written. Clear instructions. Good photography. Written with the student in mind. Authored by a true lover of this craft. So far, I’m very well pleased.

  19. Kristendonovan11

    16 Aug 2023 – Very nicely put together & very clearly presented. A great reference book for loom beading!

  20. Sarah

    22 June 2023 – Good instructions for weaving specifically tapestries with beads.

  21. Carline

    6 Dec 2022 – Wonderful customer service, very quick to answer questions. Much appreciated. Thank you!

  22. Denicesurratt

    24 Sept. 2022 – This book is a treasure of information! Extremely impressed! Will be back to shop more.

  23. Karen

    5 May 2022 – This is a great book for beginners who want to learn how to weave beads on a loom, The buying process was easy, shipping quick.

  24. Dawn

    14 Feb. 2022 – Quick shipping. Excellent book!

  25. Barbara

    28 Oct. 2023 – A good book, well written and good pictures.

  26. Maureen

    27 Oct 2023 – Wonderful book – all the info you need to start weaving tapestries with beads.

  27. Mary

    22 Oct. 2023 – Good reference with clear photos and instructions. Especially useful if you use a Morris loom!

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